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1 Brochure & Video Link
2 Unique Selling Point
3 Mecard Corporate
4 Customer FAQ
Brochure & Video Link

Brochure & Video Link

MECARD Brochure

Video Explanation (What is Mecard?)

Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point

1 Card Multiple Profile

You can setup 3 different business profile and swap between them in the matter of second with just 1 Mecard.

It's a great solution for savvy entrepreneur who running multiple businesses.


Landing Mode

Landing Page

Direct Save Contact

Choose how you connect when someone Tap/Scan your card:

  1. Landing Page : Explore more business information on a landing page.
  2. Direct Download Contact : Instantly download my contact.
Mecard Corporate

Mecard Corporate

Pricing :

Starting from RM900 with Minimum 5 cards.

Customers will be eligible to Mecard Corporate with purchase of 5 cards and above.

Click to copy your Affiliate link

Customer FAQ

Customer FAQ

Card Design :

When a client places an order for Mecard Prime or any plan requiring design work , Mecard Designer Team will promptly connect with the client and follow up with clients.

Important : Clients who wish to have their logo printed on a card MUST provide the logo in an AI file , VECTOR/SVG format.


Color Option :

Mecard’s printing process utilizes Dye Sublimation Printing, a high-quality method known for its exceptional results. However, it is essential to be aware that Dye Sublimation Printing is specifically designed for solid color printing. This means that intricate multi-color designs may not be achievable through this printing technique. Nevertheless, you can expect vibrant and sharp results for single-color artwork, logos, and text.

Additionally, we do provide Fully Customizable Color Printing for bulk purchases. Feel free to reach out to our support team. 


Payment Option :

Mecard obtain 2 payment method :

  1. Direct Bank Transfer (Malaysia only): If the client chooses this option, the Agent is responsible for ensuring the transaction's completion. Once done, kindly notify your Team Leader or contact 010-9222759.
  2. Credit Card: Secure and straightforward, this method offers ease of payment for our clients worldwide.

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Custom Section

  1. To add an image, click on the “Insert/Edit Image” button.
  2. Find an image online and copy its URL. (Make sure the image is hosted online and accessible through a URL), paste into Source column.
  3. Unlock the Constrain Proportion, and set both the Width and Height to 100%. (This ensures that the image will be displayed at its original size)
  4. Click the “Save” button to apply the changes.
  1. To add video, locate and click on the “Insert/Edit Media” button.
  2. Find a YouTube video that you’d like to embed and copy its URL, paste into Source column.
  3. Unlock the Constrain Proportion, and set the Width to 100% , Height to 250 (or adjust as needed) to maintain a reasonable aspect ratio and avoid distorting the video.
  4. Click the “Save” button to apply the changes.

Login to your Agent Portal

Product Page :

Home Page :

Mecard Corporate :

At Layout , you can choose from 8 ready Layout
*Only Layout 2 and Layout 5 support Banner Image
To set Banner Image , go Profile > Banner Image


Choose option below as your Layout Background Type :

  1. Color
  2. Image
  3. Gradient
  4. Transparent

Choose option below as your Card Background Type :

  1. Color
  2. Image
  3. Gradient
  4. Transparent


Switch back to ENGLISH for correct Translation


Let us design for you

(Template) is based on our extensive collection of templates which includes your Information, but does not incorporate any specific pattern you may have requested.”
“You may request up to 3 minor revisions to ensure the design meets your expectations.”
“Design in your preferred way.”
“You may request up to 3 revisions to ensure the design meets your expectations.”

Step 1 : Simply choose Your preferred Type of “Design for me , checkout and make Payment

Step 2 : Prepare Information below and Order Number , email to

  1. A picture of your name card
  2. Information to display on card. Example : Name , Job Title , Company Name 
  3. Logo of your company (AI / VECTOR file)

Landing Mode

Landing Mode is where you can choose Landing Page or Direct Download Contact when someone TAP / Scan your card.

Landing Page

Direct Download Contact

Once you’ve completed the Design, we’ll send you an artwork sample before proceeding to printing.

Contact Details

Create your Contact Information , Social Media here.

Create > Select Field Type > Select the Contact Details you want to add

Step 1 : Go Google Map
Step 2 : Search your Address > Click Share > Copy Link
Step 3 : Paste into Google Map Link

1. Title (Title that will be display)

2. URL (URL that will be save)



Click “Copy” and send your Agent link to anyone who is interested in buying MeCard’s products.

QR code same as your Agent Link. Anyone can scan your QR Code and the system will be able to trace the sales coming from you.

Referral = Sales

Once your customer’s order is “Processing / Completed” , you’ll see the transaction record display here.

Once your customer’s order is “Processing / Completed” , you’ll see the Order Details display here.

See your Statistics here.

When someone click your link, you can see your referral link status here.

Responses may vary, ranging from just 10 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes.

Once the MeCard payout goes to your bank account , you’ll see the payout transaction here.

Whenever anyone clicks your Agent link or scans your QR Code , Cookies will stay in MeCard’s server for 7 days.

Which means your customer buys within 7 days from the day they click your Agent link / scan your QR Code, the system will recognise the sales is from you.